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What’s This All About?

Join the movement ladies! Respect My Crown is a community designed to support women who desire to step into the abundance that awaits them. We know that now is the time to manifest our visions, realize our dreams and accomplish our goals. “Respect My Crown” is a support system that encourages women to deepen in spirituality, sisterhood, accountability and service. Join the community to explore and experience:

· Quarterly Experiences

· Intimate Private Dinner Parties

· Coffee & Crowns Monthly Virtual Meetup

· The Respect My Crown Affirmation Journal Available on Amazon

Coffee & Crowns

Our ladies meet virtually via our private Facebook group.  Ladies grab your coffee and get ready for guided discussions & activities exploring spirituality, sisterhood, accountability and service.

Gain access to:

  • Monthly closed group meet up
  • Access to virtual community
  • Mid-month accountability check-in
  • Discounted Copy of Respect My Crown book
  • Respect My Crown Coffee Mug
  • Priority seating at Respect My Crown events
  •  Virtual Q&A with Special Guest Experts
  • Advanced access to Respect My Crown’s powerful podcasts and videos
  •  Chance to win great prizes and more!


The Dinner Series

We’re inviting only 16 women to participate in this upscale private dinner.

Enjoy a special dinner, activities and group therapy provided by Family/Couples Therapist Rabia Ilahi.

Our intention is to listen to and celebrate one another, providing knowledge, healing and hope to our growing online community of women. Using film, we’ll document each dinner, sharing the visuals and the gems learned via social media. Each attendee leaves with a gift bag valued at $100.

  • June 29th – Disscusion: I Dated A Narcissist ~ Emotional Abuse, Intuition, Helping others to heal
  • August 31 -Discussion:  35+ and Still Single ~ Recreating what happiness looks like and lovin’ YOU!
  • March 28th – Discussion: Reclaiming Your Time and Your Mind: Healing from a bad breakup.
  • June 28 25th – I’m So Stressed! ~ How to manage stress and get rid of anxiety
  • Sept 27th – Bye, Bye Guilt! ~ Moving passed our past mistakes to embrace self-worth and healing
  • October 24th – WE ARE SURVIVORS (What have you survived? Cancer, Domestic Abuse, Illness, An Accident, Hurricane, etc.?)


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The Gathering

Experience a panel discussion with relationship experts, therapists and more. We’ll hear from them around cultivating healthy relationships, love, sex and more.

  • Wednesday, July 19 -Emotional Abuse + Intuition
  • Thursday, September 20 – Coping with Depression
  • Saturday, October 27th – DALLAS, TX – An open chat on Emotional, Mental & Physical Abuse + Tips to Heal.
  • Thursday, November 15th – Gaining My Power Back (Healing from grief from a relationship, death, loss of a job and more!)
  • Feb 28th –  LOVIN’ YOU: THE SINGLE WOMAN’S GUIDE TO REDEFINING HAPPINESS AFTER HEARTBREAK & ABUSE (The Gathering + Thursday, Feb 28th + The Hines Center)

  • September 22nd – WE ARE SURVIVORS – Hear from women who have survived domestic abuse and their personal tips to help heal


The Podcast

JJ releases her bi-weekly podcast featuring a diverse group of powerful women from across the country. Each transparent conversation sheds light on past mistakes, struggles, A-ha moments, and life lessons. Stay tuned for conversations with Lucinda Cross, Mia Wright, Amy Dubois Barnett, Tami Roman and more!

The Book

Affirmations are the foundation of our thoughts. This book will take you on a journey to owning your thoughts through daily affirmations and writing activities that uplift, build, and encourage you to create the kingdom you desire that will reflect self-love and respect for your crown.

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“The truth and inspiration that was spoken by each woman cultivated an electric atmosphere. We saw each others light and spoke life into each other that has changed my life forever.”
Andrea H
“The Respect My Crown dinner party was a wonderful experience. I applaud JJ for creating an environment where we were able to share our stories in a safe space free of judgement. The support we all received was phenomenal!”
Jana' W
“That night was magical. For me it was so powerful seeing women from different walks of life and going through different situations, some related and others not, find solace, comfort, and strength from other women. It was a spiritual therapy session.”
Toya B
“The dinner party was a great testament to women coming together to support and help heal so we can stop the cycle! It was a great turning point to taking responsibility, recognizing signs and saying NO MORE ABUSE!”
Bianca D


Respect My Crown is a community designed to support women who desire to step into the abundance that awaits them.  Sign up to join the movement!