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How Can My Career Help Change The World

JJ believes that everyone can contribute to making the world a better place.  Many wonder how it’s possible with so little time.  She explores the idea of giving back to the community through the gifts and talents that you use every day on the job or in school.

Domestic Abuse Ends Now

She is the author of Without Bruises which shares her journey to hope, help and healing. JJ provides a very transparent conversation about her personal relationship with a man who was both emotionally and mentally abusive.  She provides the signs of an abusive relationship, how to leave and more importantly how to heal.

Finding The Balance As A Single Mother

JJ is the Founder of SingleMomsRock.com, a website that provides high quality content, product information and entertainment to empower Single Mothers. JJ delivers a powerful talk to encourage Single Moms to fight for their dreams all while providing great tools to make life simpler. 

I'm a Boss, Not a Groupie

Having been in radio for over 24 years, JJ provides a very down-to-earth conversation about how to succeed in the entertainment industry that has always been male dominated.  She explores her personal challenges from being an intern to working along side the Queen of Media, Wendy Williams in New York City.  


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