Healing Through Self-Care

Healing Through Self-Care


How often should people wash their face?

Sandee: Every morning and every night or after you work out. People think, oh I wash my face once in the morning that is good or once at night. We rebuilt up pollution, we build up a lot of free radicals that cause damage and dehydration. There is so much going on and then you sleep on a pillowcase that maybe you changed once a week. You got all your hair gel, your sweat, the makeup from the last couple of days. All of that just building up and building up under that skin is just crazy.

So when you washing your face at home. You know how they say when you are brushing your teeth do the alphabet front and back or something. How long do you need to wash your face for?

Sandee: I tell everybody if you do two minutes like you brush your teeth. Two minutes is good, the alphabets like a perfect way to do that. As long as you are sitting there and physically spending the time and not doing a quick two second. You are going to see a difference in your skin. It does not take long at all for that so I am about to do a little enzyme. It is a mix very polish and little vitamin A and a firming mask add it to it. This going to smell good at the same time.

So let us say you come in you do a treatment. How long after you do a treatment should you do a mask at home for the maintenance?

Sandee: I would wait at least a week. Depending on the treatment, you get. Sometimes they may say go home two days; three days put a mask on. I find if you do a treatment that may end up at the end leaving your skin dry because you are doing let’s say like a peel type of treatment after the weight hydrating your skin following is one of the best things you can do. I am not a big fan of peels but there is times that you do need and fortunately the skin needs a little bit of shedding but I always try to get clients to go home and do some home care and see how would that go before we take more evasive steps

What about those little pads their somewhat scratchy for exfoliating? They are like those things you clean pot with.

Sandee: I know the scrubbers again; we are going back to that, the whole scratch your face to get whatever is in the pores out but it is not working because you are sitting there scrubbing over the surface and you got a little pocket a port as you scrub. You are totally avoiding what is inside that port so if sat there and just give yourself a good wash.

We have been fooled to believe that these things are really helping.

Sandee: So what I am doing is I am giving you a little hot treatment with that enzyme. Keeping it moist and keeping it heat, some people might do steam. I am not a big fan of the steam because it is one side or the other side and I cannot get it centered, like a hot towel and to me it is a little cocoon. Some people can come in, they lay here, and this is when they fall asleep at the time because all summer no light, it is dark, it is warm, it feel good. And while you are sitting there, I can sit there also and do few things like massage your shoulders and start loosing you up. Because when I do the micro current I really like to make sure that a lot of the muscles are more relaxed. When the muscles are not relaxed and tight I do not feel like it as good of a lift. You feel that tension in the back of our neck. We spend time looking down at our phones at desk, everybody’s right hand is always tighter.

This tells you how important this is for self-care because you are right it is a new day and time we are doing so many different things now, than what we were doing back when we were younger. Oh, yeah. They did not even sit in front of the computer. Now is like everyone is in front of a computer, after work or at work just can’t avoid it.

Sandee: Is like before they had the martini lunch then people actually have lunch know they have no lunch. I tell everybody every hour some people tell me to have a little setting in their computer that says once an hour you up walk to the bathroom, walk down the hall. I said watch a smoker when smoker gets up you get up.

Yes. We need the nutrients.

Sandee: Always. The food we eat is not as rich as it used to be you know you think about it everybody gets so organic because they are trying to get all those good nutrients back in the body but all the crops in the fields you know get so used up that they lose a lot of its nutrients. So supplementary we have to get supplements in our system to help maintain our healthy lifestyles, skin, tissues, muscles and all that goodness.

Is it possible to create this monthly or regimen where people are coming to see you and it can helps people to avoid having to do like plastic surgery or getting botox?

Sandee: A good facial, that is a good way to keep exfoliating and cleaning and massage your blood flow. Microcurrent keeps the muscles strong so we are working it out and making those muscles hold and fight gravity versus just kind of going down so it is perfect. Even if someone has had a facelift they came in and got the microcurrent treatment, it would help to maintain the firmness of the skin because even facelift or not forever. They are not permanent, they are still you know they say what ten years you have to do it again I am like oh, my gosh, it just look so painful the first time.

Are there ever certain things that like people are using on their skin drives you nuts?

Sandee: I am sure there is a few things. People say “First I wipe my face off with my little wipes and take my makeup off then I put my moisturizer.” They did not remove anything other than the buildup on the surface. That is just my pet peeve I am like just wash your face. Oh, you know the only time I use wipes is if I am somewhere, where there is no running water at all. Then I will even find a way to get a bottle of water to splash my face just to get that build up. I don’t like that feeling of whatever is in those whites on my face even baby wipes everybody baby watch are not made for the face even though their pH balanced and very you know whatever they are for babies butts.

Babies butts, your face not the same thing people.

Sandee: Not the same thing. Fine to wash your hands you know as opposed to antibacterial wipes but not everybody is like not for your face. Oh these are pH balanced these are for babies and I am like for babies not your skin.

Yeah is there any type of quick fix for acne?

Sandee: I actually I just got a new product, it’s an enzyme mask it’s a hardcore so do a lot of hydration to push them and then a lot of prep to basically build up and soften the plugs that are blocking whatever is trying to come out from the skin to push it. It breaks it down it takes about two hours to go through this whole system.

Oh, wow!

Sandee: It softens everything, everything comes up and then at the end the last mask just really just pulled it out. It is to me just amazing but there is really no quick fix it, nothing is a quick fix. There is no magic bullet here so it is everybody it is patience, time, and dedication. These are little bars when I tap them it does not mean anything just means I hit them. You should not really feel anything other than maybe taste a little metallic in your mouth and that is all it is as you are detoxing. I would like to make sure I get underneath here. This is our little skin that gravity will pull faster than anything is if we do not turn it your very tone but I just like to hit it just a little extra.

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